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Current Events

Our Friend Israel

PODCAST: US President Donald Trump and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu recently met to reinforce to the world the importance of a strong allience between their two countries. Christians and Jews alike should know why a strong relationship between both countries is so important to us and God.

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Life is Winning

PODCAST: Recent events give hope we've reached a turning point in the right to life movement. With support from a willing Presidential administration, a future Supreme Court, and a relentless pro-life majority in our country, life is winning in America.

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World Leaders and the Will of God

PODCAST: Through out history, God has used world leaders, good and bad, to fulfill his will. There is plenty of evidence in the Bible... how will this be the case with today's incoming leaders in America?

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The Pope We Need

Pope Francis. credit: Jeffrey Bruno/Flickr

PODCAST: As Pope Francis continues to show a kinder, gentler side of the Catholic Faith, there are many conservatives who are growing more uncomfortable with the left-leaning pope. God gives us the pope we need at a given time in history.

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