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Time to Change Your New Year’s Resolution

Be honest. Have you crashed and burned your New Year’s Resolution yet? If your answer in no, then good for you! If it is yes, or if you never resolved to change anything in 2017 then you are not alone. ...

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Divided We Fall

Following the US presidential election, half of a deeply divided nation has struggled to process its candidate’s surprising loss.  Without any constructive recourse following the decisive results, many have wandered into the streets to protest the election. That is their ...

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World Leaders and the Will of God

PODCAST: Through out history, God has used world leaders, good and bad, to fulfill his will. There is plenty of evidence in the Bible... how will this be the case with today's incoming leaders in America?

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Vote for Life

God is watching. Election day is more than just a day Americans freely choose a president. Election day, this election day in particular, is about life and death. It is about the life and death of the unborn, life and ...

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