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Divided We Fall

Following the US presidential election, half of a deeply divided nation has struggled to process its candidate’s surprising loss.  Without any constructive recourse following the decisive results, many have wandered into the streets to protest the election. That is their ...

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Vote for Life

God is watching. Election day is more than just a day Americans freely choose a president. Election day, this election day in particular, is about life and death. It is about the life and death of the unborn, life and ...

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The Pope We Need

Pope Francis. credit: Jeffrey Bruno/Flickr

PODCAST: As Pope Francis continues to show a kinder, gentler side of the Catholic Faith, there are many conservatives who are growing more uncomfortable with the left-leaning pope. God gives us the pope we need at a given time in history.

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The War Comes Home

Most five year old boys woke up in America today wondering which cereal they would have for breakfast. Maybe Lucky Charms or Frosted Flakes. Most five year old boys in America sat on a couch this morning while their moms ...

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